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LGGI  |  go ahead!

LGGI was founded by Leticia G. Gonzalez in 1981 as a sole proprietorship after she had spent the previous seven years working for the U.S. Customs Service at the District office of Fines, Penalties and Forfeitures and at the Port office at the Export Lot in Laredo, Texas.

By 1986, the company's continued growth led Gonzalez to incorporate, and in 1990, the construction of a new warehouse and office building in Laredo's Interamerica Industrial Park, where it remains today. This office is strategically located less than five minutes away from the Laredo World Trade Bridge -- the busiest commercial border crossing in Laredo, and only a few more minutes from the Colombia-Solidarity Bridge, the only crossing in Laredo where hazardous material can be imported.

The company has built an excellent reputation among its clients for offering the highest quality customer service, taking pride in communicating with them. We make it a point to answer every email and return every telephone call before leaving the office for the day so that our clients are always informed.  Furthermore, clients receive instantly-generated emails giving them updates on their shipment's customs status.

In addition to Mrs. Gonzalez, two of her sons are also licensed U.S. Customs Brokers that are knowledgeable and experienced in importing and exporting almost every type of commodity.

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